Friday, April 28, 2017

It's A Girl!

 As long as I can remember, I have always dreamed of one day having a baby girl. Whether this dream was birthed from playing with my doll babies and dressing them in cute little clothes or memories of Mom sewing my sister and I homemade dresses, it's always been a desire of mine.
 Months before I even knew I was pregnant, when we decided that we were ready to add to our family, I received some advice from a little old lady in Honduras. Now, in Honduras superstitions abound on just about every topic under the sun. Having been there twice before while pregnant, I was well aware of some of the ridiculous things that people believe about pregnancies. So when this little old lady told me she had some advice for me I inwardly cringed, wondering what random, obnoxious thing she was going to come up with. It turned out that it was neither random nor obnoxious and was in fact the best piece of pregnancy advice I've ever received. She told me that if I wanted a little girl I should pray for one. She told me how she had wanted a little boy so she asked God for one and she told Him that if He gave her a little boy, she would behave herself. Hahaha I believe she ended up with a baby boy. :)
 I think for awhile before that I was already subconsciously praying for a little girl. But after that trip, I really began to pray about it.
 Fast forward several months to when I found out I was pregnany. From the beginning I suspected that I could very well be carrying a girl, mostly because my morning sickness was so much less than it was with the boys. I really only had about a week and a half where I felt the worst, the rest would hit at totally random moments and it subsided weeks before I hit the second trimester. About a week before our scheduled anatomy ultrasound, it occurred to me that along with praying for a little girl, I had also prayed that my morning sickness would be at a minimum (or nonexistent!). I just couldn't imagine being sick all the time with two toddlers to watch after. God saw fit to answer that prayer and the thought became very real to me that maybe He just went ahead and answered both prayers. You know, a nice little package deal.
 Then March 31st arrived. It was a rainy Friday and the ultrasound was scheduled for fairly early in the morning. We had decided to take the boys with us as we thought they would get a kick out of seeing the baby on the screen. We arrived at the hospital on time, but through a misunderstanding on my part we were told we might have to reschedule the ultrasound. I was a little disappointed. After all, I had been waiting for this day for a long time, it was the first time that we were finding out the gender before the birth and it just meant so much to me. Thankfully, I think God was taking care of me then too, because we were able to get in that day after all.
 I have to admit, I was filled with nervous anticipation going into the ultrasound. The tech didn't make us wait long, but went right to the important stuff. :) Right away, she said, "It is most definitely a girl!" Even though I half expected it, I still burst into tears because God had answered my prayers. Words cannot describe how happy I felt in that moment. The months of praying and dreaming about a little girl and now I knew for sure that a little miss will be joining us this summer. Don't get me wrong, if the baby had been a boy, I would have been happy then too. I mean, how much chaos fun would three boys be??
 Since then, the daydreaming has become reality and I have been thoroughly enjoying preparing for this beloved baby. The nursery is already fully stocked and decorated in my head, although there is work that actually needs to be done before that happens. (It's been our storage room ever since we moved here so a LOT of stuff has to be moved and relocated.)
  Some people say that dressing a little boy is just as much fun as dressing a little girl, but I feel like I lack the inspiration for it so dressing my little girl is gonna be super fun for me. Take a look at my children's style board on Pinterest to see what I'm digging for outfits for little miss (with a few boys outfits thrown in). You can also check out my inspiration for the nursery.
 There will probably be more updates along the way, maybe a nursery reveal at some point so stay tuned!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

This Year's Garden

 Ever since I got married 4 1/2 years ago, I have dreamed of growing my own flowers to cut and put in vases around the house. At the beginning, I knew next to nothing about growing flowers. My knowledge basically extended to the garden section of Lowes and that's about it. While I knew there were outrageously gorgeous flowers out there, I didn't really explore other options besides what good ol' Lowes had to offer.
 Last year, I took a different approach and rather than buying flower packs, I made a valiant effort to start my own from seeds. Let's just flopped. Or rather, the flowers flopped, quite literally in fact. Almost every window sill in my living room and kitchen were filled with seedlings that I started in Styrofoam cups. There were poppies, zinnias, dahlias, calendulas, just to name a few. And when it came time to plant them outside? Well, everything disintegrated. They did nothing. My disappointment was pretty real and so I did the only thing that I knew to do. I trucked off to Lowes and filled my shopping cart with the prettiest flowers that they had to offer. While beautiful in their own way, they didn't really fill that desire for long, lush stems of vibrant color to cut and enjoy indoors.
 This year, I decided to give it another go. I'm still holding my breath hoping that this is the year of the cut flower garden. However, I learned from my mistakes last year (more on that in a minute) and I also stumbled upon a wealth of knowledge over at Floret Flowers. If you aren't already following Erin on Instagram, I highly recommend you do so at once. It's all the flower eye candy you could ever want.
 A couple things I've learned so far this sowing season, is about bottom watering and hardening off the plants. One mistake I made last year, was that I watered my seedlings from the top. This year I'm using seed flats and watering trays to water from the bottom up, which prevents the seeds and baby leaves from washing out. I am also planning on hardening off my plants for about a week before planting them outside. I omitted this step last year even though I had at least a vague notion that it needed to be done. I've decided that it may be best to hit all the steps rather than cutting corners. Let's just say I'm a hard learner.
 I have started three different kinds of tomato plants, peppers, petunias, calendulas, poppies, hollyhocks, zinnias, asters, Canterbury bells, crepis, cosmos, and phlox. Aaand a handful of others. Most of them have already sprouted and look fairly healthy although some of them are kind of "leggy" and still only have their baby leaves.
 Gerry is loaning me a shop light to ensure that they have sufficient light to get their little start in life. I feel like this is another important step that I probably should have done last year, but hashtag slow learner. One thing I already want to try next year is an actual grow light system where I can raise and lower the lights above the plants. After some online research, I learned that keeping the lights 2-3 inches above the seedlings prevents them from having to reach up towards the light and as a result they won't get "leggy" and I think they would get their true leaves sooner. Just something else I'm learning as I go.
 I am so excited about this year's flower garden. I have high hopes and dreams for it but at the same time I know I have so much to learn about growing pretty cut flowers. Maybe you are just starting out too with your own cut flower garden and have no idea where to start. Here is a list of resources to help you out!

Johnny's Selected Seeds-this is where I got all of my seed trays, flats, and humidity domes; they also have a huge selection of flower seeds
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds-all of my seeds came from here
Renee's Garden-I haven't bought anything from here, but there is a large selection of flower seeds here as well
Floret Flowers-there is a wealth of information and inspiration here; be sure to check out her book: Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest, and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms that just released this year

This post contains an affiliate link. This means that if you make a purchase using the link found in this post, I will get a small percentage at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Truth About Motherhood

 Before I had Jaxon, I often heard people make statements about motherhood and about life after bringing a little human into the world. Many times these things that people said came across in a rather negative way and sometimes they made it sound like life after pregnancy is pretty much a lonely, dismal one. I remember asking my mom if it’s really that bad, is that really all there is to motherhood. I don’t remember her response, but I’m here to tell you---it’s not that bad. It’s not all there is to motherhood. So, inspired by my sis-in-law’s recent blog post, here are a few things that people commonly say about/during motherhood and what I have found to be true in my motherhood journey.

 “Be prepared to lose sleep” || Yes and no. The way some people talk they act like you won’t get a full night of sleep for the rest of your child bearing years. “Sleep as much as you can before you have the baby, you’ll be glad you did—blah, blah, blah. The truth? Yes, you will lose sleep. Yes, you will wake up to nurse your baby in the middle of the night and suddenly jerk awake to find your baby long finished with nursing, sound asleep and you will decide to just haul yourself off to bed (true story). But. YOU WILL SLEEP AGAIN. Yes. Yes you will. It may be awhile, but you will sleep and you will sleep good. In the spirit of complete honesty, I have so far been a little spoiled when it comes to my children sleeping all night. Jaxon began sleeping all night at two months, Taylor at one month and to this day they consistently sleep all night, every night, come teething or what have you (with some minor exceptions). I know that this is not the case for all mothers and there are equally numerous reasons for your child to wake in the middle of the night whether it’s for a feeding, or an upset tummy, or a bad teething session. But I think in spite of these things, you can still get the sleep you need at least to carry you through until (victory!) your baby is sleeping all night. Here are some ways to achieve that:

1.       Sleep when they sleep. Most newborns take at least 2-3 naps a day. Take advantage of this and nap at the same time. Even if you close your eyes for only 10-20 minutes, it will help so much and it will give you that extra boost that you need. This is a lot easier to do with your first baby, because by the time your second comes, they will probably be on different sleep schedules.

2.       Don’t jump at every whimper. I learned this early on with Jaxon. If he began whimpering and grexing in the middle of the night, I would immediately jump out of bed and begin nursing him only to have him fall back asleep within seconds of latching on with no hope of waking him again. I revised this by waiting a minute or two before getting up and going to him. Once I knew that he was fully awake and ready to eat, then I nursed him. Occasionally, he would actually settle himself back to sleep for at least a few more minutes before letting me know that he was wide awake (with loud, lusty crying).

3.       Try letting them sleep on their tummy. (Horrified gasp) I know, this is not a popular opinion amongst doctors, but I did this with Taylor because he slept so much better this way. If it makes you nervous to try it at night, start by putting your baby on his tummy during naps that way you can check in on him periodically.
4.     Sleep train your baby. I had every intention of doing this with Jaxon once he reached 3 months after hearing that a friend of mine did it with one of her babies. Lucky for Jaxon, he beat me to it. There are so many reasons why sleep training may not be the best option for your baby, but if they are growing well and are generally plump and happy babies, I don't see any reason not to sleep train.

 For some great ideas about establishing a bedtime routine, read this post. After reading it, I realized that I actually did the exact same thing with Jaxon and at least some of the time with Taylor.

 “I haven’t showered in four days” || No. Just, no. I hear this all the time from other mothers on social media and blogs. And I can absolutely not relate in anyway. I shower every. single. day. And I take my time with it too, never feeling one bit rushed. Maybe those mothers are in the “morning shower” category, but I prefer evening showers and as soon as I get my boys in bed for the night and close their bedroom door, I make a beeline for the bathroom. On some occasions when we have something going in the evening and I want to shower beforehand, I unashamedly let Curious George or Baby Einstein, in the form of a DVD, babysit the boys.

 “You won’t have time for the things you enjoy” || Nope. While it is true that the time you have to dedicate to your hobbies will be severely diminished, it will not be totally lost. I used to read while nursing Jaxon and I went through so many books that my mom told me I needed something to do. I still read every single day even if it’s only a page or two. I enjoy knitting/crocheting and sewing and I do those things regularly too, mostly when the boys are either napping or down for the night.  I actually highly encourage mothers to continue to pursue their hobbies, because I think we all need that outlet. Depending on what you enjoy doing, you can even involve your child no matter how young. If you enjoy gardening, let them play on a blanket next to you while you weed your flower beds. Or put them in a Bambo seat while you bake in the kitchen.

 “It’s harder to go places with children” || Yes and no. One of the young mothers that I follow on Instagram quoted her mother on this as saying something to this effect, “Getting out of the house with children is a muscle. The more you work it, the easier it gets.” While there are definitely moments that get a little hairy, it is not entirely impossible. There are many days where I feel like giving up before we’ve even reached the front door, but that doesn’t mean it’s not doable. Our children have been on shopping trips an hour away multiple times. They have been to the mall numerous times. We have flown with them as well as gone on road trips several times. They go out to eat with us to sit down restaurants. Thanks to wonderful modern inventions such as baby wraps and strollers it is possible to go virtually anywhere with your baby in tow. You don’t have to become recluses just because you have a newborn. 

 “When your toddler is really quiet that means trouble” || Not always. Yes, sometimes it means your child is sitting in a corner with his younger brother each eating another brownie after they’ve already had too many, or it means your child is dumping out all of your plants and making a huge mess. But sometimes that silence means your child is quietly sitting on the couch looking at a favorite book, or playing with toys. Sometimes it’s a moment so laden with sweetness that you quietly back away so as not to ruin the moment.

  The truth is, motherhood may be a lot of hard work, but it is also fun. Our days may be filled with crying babies, but trust me, every single day I look at each of my children unable to believe that they are mine. When your baby flashes you a cheeky grin your heart will reach an almost bursting point and you will not be able to hold in all of the love that you have for your child. As your baby learns and accomplishes new things you will beam with mama-pride. The first time your baby says “I luh you” or “hug, hug” you will not be able to resist. Sometimes, even when it’s way past their bedtime, you will sit on the floor in their room and stack blocks with them until it’s time for them to go to bed and then you will share their disappointment that it has to end. No matter how tough your day was, you will hold them on your lap and relish the feel of their little body in your arms, tucked close to your heart. No matter how loud and chaotic your day was, when Papa comes home and chases his little boys around the house to the tune of loud shrieks and endless giggles, it will be music to your ears. When your baby comes up to you and says “hi, hi, hi” in his shrill little voice, no matter how bad your day has been you will bend down, smile, fold him into your arms and say “hi, sweety!”   



Thursday, October 13, 2016

Real Life Survival During A Kitchen Renovation {with small children}

 There is very little that is glamorous about a kitchen renovation that you are living in the middle of. Except for the picture, the vision that you have in your head of the end result. But the process of getting there is pretty messy and very unsophisticated. It involves things like washing your dishes in a cruddy utility sink in your equally cruddy basement and thawing chicken for the next day in your bathroom sink. (Don't worry, the chicken was contained in a freezer bag and it seemed like a better alternative to thawing the chicken outside overnight and risking some wild animal carting off our supper.) There is a pretty much constant supply of unwanted dirt and dust that somehow accumulates even during times where the work has paused. Yet, numerous people have lived through numerous kitchen remodels, or home renovations of any sort. These are my tips and tricks for making the most of your unideal situation.

 Keep your normal routine || This is probably the hardest to do at the very beginning of the renovation process. Especially with small children, a space that they were once free to roam and play in is now suddenly off limits. For children who are used to structure and routine, this can be an upheaval in their little lives. It helps to keep your normal daily rhythm in place as they transition into the temporary lifestyle of a renovation. At the very beginning of your renovation, it's nice to plan on taking your children outside of the house, away from the demolition, dirt, and noise. (It may also be for safety purposes!) Simply taking them outside to play and burn off excess energy helps so much in the adjustment to a more confined living space.

 Tidy + Organize your limited space || To be honest, I'm not sure I'm doing the greatest job of this. We are remodeling our kitchen, sooo where do you think all of my kitchen supplies have ended up? As of this very moment, the microwave is in the living room, the refrigerator is in the office space as well as the coffee pot. There are large brown boxes hulking in the family room full of dishes, cups, baking pans, food storage containers, etc. There is another box in the basement full of small appliances, and other kitchen items have been relegated to random other homes around the house. It is not ideal. It is probably not as organized as it could be, but I do know that being tidy and organized during any sort of renovation is key. The first thing I did the day after demolition, was to straighten up the house and specifically the areas that now hold my kitchen. It gave me a much better outlook on the whole remodeling process and it also helped establish our normal rhythm of daily life (see above).

 Give grace || Like I mentioned earlier, any sort of in-home remodeling process is hard on young children, at least until they get used to it. Extend plenty of grace to them as they transition and come up with ways to keep them entertained especially if certain areas are off limits for an extended period of time.

 Be creative in meal prep || If you don't have the option of setting up a temporary kitchen during your reno, than thinking about meals can be daunting. It doesn't have to be though. Get creative with what you have available; search Pinterest and Google for recipes that can easily be made in a slow cooker or even the microwave. When you need to fry something, use your electric skillet on a living room side table (true story). It is difficult to make elaborate meals without a functioning kitchen, but that doesn't mean you have to order take out every evening of the week.

 Don't forget the end result || Remember that in the end, all of the dirt, upheaval, and sacrifice will be so worth it! It may not be pretty now, but it won't stay that way forever.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Handmade In One Year

A while back, I posted a photo on Instagram of a chambray dress that I sewed right before our beach trip. It was super comfortable and super easy and, coincidentally, it was also super inspiring.

 As a mom, the wear and tear on my clothes is higher than it used to be. Am I the only one? It seems like no sooner than I come home from the thrift store with a pile of new-to-me clothes, things start to deteriorate (although, maybe the problem lies therein, with second hand shopping?). With two pairs of little toddler hands always grabbing and pulling, my shirts quickly get pulled out of shape and end up making me feel slouchy when I'd rather look at least a little bit put together. Let's not even mention all the stains that somehow end up on my clothes that I have no idea where they came from. Or the clothes that I thought met my standards for modesty but somehow are starting to gape in all the wrong places or else they require too much effort to make them modest.

 Out of frustration and also a desire to challenge myself and improve my sewing skills, I decided to start a project. The goal: slowly converting my closet to handmade clothes in one year (more on that in a moment). Along with that, I want to simplify it drastically as well as bring cohesiveness to it.

 One of the things that is frustrating for me when shopping second hand is looking for patterns (stripes, solids, etc.) that I like and finding clothes that match what I already have in my closet. By making my own clothes, I will have control over the color and design of the material and I can choose what suits my tastes as well as what will work well with pieces already in my closet. I am hoping to follow a basic color scheme to give me more pieces that coordinate and that can be versatile with different outfits.

 The idea is to have a mostly handmade wardrobe in a year and with all the pieces that I have in mind to make, that figures out to roughly 1.5 pieces to sew a month. Totally doable, I think. By now you may be thinking, what about the clothes you already have? Well, honestly, there are a lot of clothes in my closet that I simply do not wear. Either they don't fit right or I plain just don't like them or I only have one or two pieces that they actually go with (see above). I am a firm believer that if you don't wear something in 6 months to a year, than you can live without it and there are a number of items of that nature in my closet. Only the clothes that I love and wear regularly will stay.

 You're probably also thinking, how do you have time to do this? That, my friends, is the beauty of having your toddlers go down for a nap at the same time in the afternoon, but most importantly, I am choosing patterns that are simple. I simply do not have time for complicated patterns that will take a month for me to make. So, I have purposely chosen a handful of patterns that are easy to put together and I would like to occasionally feature those patterns here along with some tips and tricks that I discover along the way.

 I don't want to make anyone feel like they have to suddenly develop an interest in sewing and start whipping out their own handmade clothes. Rather, I hope to show you simple patterns that debunk the idea that handmade clothes are difficult to make and also to learn new things and improve my/our sewing skills.

 Every so often I will post an update for you, featuring the pattern(s) and fabric I've used and hopefully you'll be inspired as well.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Life Lately

 Ooosh. That's the sound of me settling into my chair in front of the computer screen. It's been quiet around here the last while, although not intentionally so. I feel like I'm always commenting on that, how it's been awhile since I've been here, etc. I like to think of it though, like one of my favorite bloggers put it, that I am a seasonal blogger. Blogging when the time suits or when I'm inspired. It doesn't always have to be a constant flow of words from this little corner even if sometimes I wish it could be. There are times when inspiration overflows and other times when I just don't have anything to say. I would rather not say anything than babble on pointlessly, although I've been guilty of that in the past.
 I thought I would bring you a little up to speed on what we have been doing lately.

 //Reading// I just started reading this book; I have been wanting to read it for a long time and it is everything I thought it would be. It is so much more than just a book on home design. It literally feels like a friend standing with me and telling me that I don't have to buy into the idea of perfection that is flaunted all over the internet and instead, I can just be real and be me and my home can reflect that. Definitely a must read!

//Excited// Jaxon is starting preschool at the end of this month! He will turn three later this fall and I have no idea when the "normal" age for starting preschool is, but I don't really care. When my youngest brother was a little older than Jaxon, I used to play "school" with him and I was so determined to actually teach him his letters and how to read. Hence, this is a really big deal for me, being able to teach Jaxon here at home. I'm pretty sure I am way more excited than he is, although I know he'll absolutely love it. Seeing his interest in learning is a huge motivator for me and I am so looking forward to getting started! We are using this curriculum which I have talked about here and I cannot recommend it enough. We completed the preview unit for the preschool curriculum a few months ago and Jaxon loved it as well as I did!

//Listening// Taylor has been adding new words to his vocabulary almost daily and we get the biggest kick out of making him repeat words and phrases in his adorable baby voice (totally biased; don't care). Our favorites are "Alrise!" (alright), "All done!" & "All bettah!" His vocabulary at 19 months is more extensive than Jaxon's was at that age; actually it's almost on the same level as Jaxon's now.

//Dreaming// We are going to be remodeling our kitchen sometime in the near future and I am so excited. There is still planning to be done, but I get caught up sometimes daydreaming about what it will look like when it's complete. This, this, and this are a few of the ideas that are inspiring me and rolling around in my head.

//Wishing// I wish we somehow had the means of stopping time. Freezing the very moments that we are living right now and stretching them out into a couple days if needed. More than just capturing them in a photograph, but reliving them in real time. I have been thinking about this lately along with the fact that I have done a really sad job of writing things down in the boys' baby books. Jaxon has one that is sort of a scrapbook/journal that my sister put together for him. I got materials to do a similar one for Taylor but so far I haven't started on it; I'm rethinking that idea and crushing on these baby journals. They go from your pregnancy all the way to 18 years old, with prompts for each stage of life, places for photos, and your child's artwork. I don't have one yet, but I got one for my sister-in-law and I really want one!

What have you been busy with lately? Any good reads? Something you're looking forward to?

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Virginia Beach Trip


  It’s been more than a month now since our beach trip that we took at the end of June/July. I can’t help but post the photos from it anyway, because it was just such a good weekend. Aaaaand I really, really miss the beach, so there’s that. Gerry and I agreed that it was the best little vacation that we have taken as a family so far. We enjoyed it so thoroughly and the boys did too. We would love to make it a yearly vacation, maybe seeing what AirBnB’s might be in the area. (If you know of any good ones, let us know!)
 We made it a long weekend, getting there on a Thursday and coming home Sunday. We managed to pack the days with all the good things and made wonderful memories in the process. Some of the highlights for the boys were getting to see fighter jets and helicopters flying overhead, and lots of boats out on the water. Going through the tunnel was also an experience, one that Jaxon talked/obsessed about for a while afterwards. He was excited at first because I built up the anticipation for him, but then he wasn’t too sure about it as we progressed through the tunnel. He thought it was pretty cool though, once we were through.
 Most of our time was split between going down to the ocean and swimming in our resort pool. Jaxon took his time getting used to the water, but Taylor was in heaven. He has a more adventurous nature than Jaxon when it comes to certain things. We also spent time walking/bike riding along the boardwalk.


There is something about the ocean that just tugs at me. I love it’s vastness, the smell of the salty air, the way the waves crash onto the shore and then race away, pulling the sand back out to the watery depths. I can easily get lost in imagining what the ocean looks like underneath the surface of the water or what it would be like to sail across the ocean, surrounded by water. I love how the road leading to the ocean just suddenly—stops. Right at the ocean. It feels like the edge of the world. I never want to forget these experiences and the details involved with them. The way the taste of salt clings to your lips after a swim in the ocean. The way Jaxon shrieked and hollered as he chased sea gulls. The way he was totally content to sit on the beach playing with his beach toys in the sand. The way Taylor gleefully kicked his feet in the ocean and happily held my hands as we ran through the waves. Or the way both of the boys seemed to grow up that weekend. Taylor decided to walk and Jaxon became braver by the end, walking across the shallow pool at the resort all by himself and willingly floating through the water with his papa’s support.

  I love sharing experiences like these with the boys. Some people may think that a weekend like this would be more fun alone, just the two of you. And while I totally agree that that would also be amazing, we just truly, honestly, have so much fun having the boys with us on little trips like this. It’s worth it all just to experience new things through the eyes of toddlers. Everything is amazing and new to them and it makes you want to wring every drop of goodness out of the experience. Neither one of us can quite imagine leaving the boys behind and I hope we get to enjoy many more places and experiences with the boys.