Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Black and White/Creative Juices

 This font is called Helvetica. Kind of an interesting name. Like something that the evil witch would be named in a Disney Princess movie or something. 

 Anywho. My creative juices are flowing. I want to do a photo shoot something fierce, but alas...my model lives an hour or more from me...arrrggghhh. I'm contemplating dragging my brother into town for a shoot, but I can already hear his response...
"I am NOT gonna let you do a photo shoot of me!" 
"But, but my creative juices are oozing all over my brain...I need to get them out!!" 
"I don't care about your creative juices, I'm NOT gonna let you take pictures of me!"

So maybe you didn't need to know about the creative juices oozing all over my brain...

To make myself feel better, I went back in my photo archives and found some that I took of my favorite model which I had not edited. She looks so good in black and white.

 Must. do. photo shoot. 

 I need to find some other means of releasing my creative juices. 


  1. SO. There is this old abandoned house in the woods a couple miles from us....It is perfect for a photo shoot and I thought of you...there's old windows, old weathered wood on the walls, and the basement wall is stone. It's right in the middle of the woods with little hills and ravines all around.

    What I'm trying to say is, come to Wisconsin and let your creativity juice all over the place and I will fix you a cup of tea and we shall spend the afternoon talking! Would love to see you again. :)

  2. That sounds absolutely delightful!! A photo shoot, a cup of tea, and an afternoon talking to you...I wish it could happen soon!!