Thursday, April 21, 2011

Title Goes Here

 There should be a title up there. But I have no idea what to use as a said title. So you will just have to envision a title up there saying exactly what you want it to say. 

 I've already used the word "title" far to much for one post. 

 So, let's skip the talking and look at pictures instead.

I discovered on this particular rainy day, how much I love the sound of the water gushing down, slamming the window and pounding on the tin roof. There's something musical about it.

Ooh the delight of spring.

Happy yellowness.

 Enjoy life my friends. Take delight in the simple pleasures given to us on this earth.


  1. heya =) so is it easier to upload/post pics on here???? Lyz

  2.'s about the same I guess. Oh it's can upload them all at once instead of individually. Yes, it's easier. =) =)