Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am rather pleased with the collage I came up with for the header. It just reeks of summer, doesn't it? 

I absolutely love clouds and sunsets. The other day I saw a sunset that was absolutely breathtaking, and I wished so badly that I had had my camera along. It was a pure gold sunset. The sun was behind the clouds, but the clouds were surrounded by this dazzling gold light. I was just sure that heaven was just beyond those clouds. I was imagining angels floating in the hazy, golden light around Jesus' throne. It was like His glory was bursting, blazing out from around Him. 
Sadly, all I have is a mental picture of the beauty of the sunset.

The trail that goes behind my house has tons of honeysuckle growing beside it. Breathing in the lush scent of honeysuckle is the epitome of summer for me.

Enjoy your summer!!

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