Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sparkles of Sunshine and Spiderwebs

 This is gonna be a long one. I was gonna split this post up into two separate ones, but the photos from the second post I just couldn't wait to share. So. Prepare yourself for a barrage of photos.

I almost stepped on this daisy when I was out taking pictures a few days ago. It must be the last one of the season..."Ohh a dandelion! Must be the last one of the season."

I have never before gotten pictures of dew-laden spiderwebs. But this morning (look at me! Taking pictures and posting them on the same day!!) as I walked with Beth to breakfast at campout, the opportunity arose and I could not let it go. The morning was cold and misty but we stepped into the wet weeds to capture the pearls clinging to the webs.

I am officially intrigued with spiderwebs. Alas, they require early mornings before the dew has dried away. (I don't do early mornings. My desire to stay in my warm bed far out weighs my desire to get pictures of dew-laden spiderwebs. I should be more dedicated. Shame on me.)

Sometimes I look at a picture that I've taken and one word resonates in my mind that just describes the essence of the picture. For this picture, that word is "moody".

We attempted to come up with a story that depicted the reason for this boat being abandoned in this way. The story was greatly influenced by the real life events of the Lost Colony of Virginia. We are so original.

Like I said...I was intrigued.

One of my favorites that I took today...mostly because of the bright colors in it.

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  1. Carmie, i simply love the photos in this post! :)