Tuesday, January 31, 2012


January has been a happy month. It started with family and many, many good times with them.

Bleary days and geometric-ish pictures.

 Preparing for the feast. Hochstetlers all sitting down for a meal=sweet chaos.

 Trips to Illinois to see dear friends. Coffee shops with yummy smoothies.

 And really cool decor.

 Coloring with this little girl. Babysitting her doesn't feel like work. I am so glad the opportunity arose on the very week that I was on vacation from my real work.

me: Bella, do you think I'm old?
Bella: No, I think you're new.

 Walking the trail with someone special. This is the only picture (well, there are a few other experimental pics of this same strand of fluff) that I took on that afternoon. But this picture alone holds so many memories for me.

 My favorite happening from the month of January. Gerry. God works in the most amazing ways and I am completely thankful to Him for giving me Gerry.

 Songs sung at dusk next to the trail.

 The best last day ever.

 Sunshine and warmth.

 Coke in a bottle and eating at The Bakery with my boyfriend.

 I know, this picture is out of focus. But there's something about it that I like.

 Unfortunately, he is in Honduras right now...it's not easy being away from him, but God has this way of doling out grace for times like this. I know that He will see us through and everything will be refined and purified at the end of the test.

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  1. Awwww!!! I miss you girl!!!!!!!!! ~Lavina