Thursday, March 15, 2012


 These days are full of happinesses. Spring sunshine. Days off. God's love. His joy. His peace. The gifts He gives. Liiiiiike...oh...I don't know...someone who lives in Honduras maybe? ;)

 But really. These days, there is just so much that I have to be thankful for. Things that make me so irrevocably happy. If you were to trace everything back, to find the would lead to God. He is the only one who could possibly be pouring this much happiness into one little heart like mine.

 Here are a few simple things that make me happy.

  Yummy, yummy, yummy...  =)

  Sending thick letters to Honduras. =)

 An evening of cake pops, Anne of Green Gables, and good conversations.

 Happy to be alive,


  1. carmie I love you ,,,now that you have mentioned happiness ...indeed I am happy with you ..thank God for you ..

  2. MMMMMMM!! You're making me hungry!! BTW I liked the comment about "Someone in Honduras" ☺ ~Lavina

  3. This post makes a lot more sense since I chatted with your Grandma at the sewing shop the other day. Haha! Happy for you, my friend! :)