Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

 This Valentine's Day was the first Valentine's that my man and I spent together. A year ago at this time he was in Honduras so we couldn't celebrate lovers day together.

 Sooo I knew I wanted to do something special for him...because I love him madly, deeply, truly.

This, folks, is Welch's sparkling blueberry juice. Harmless. :)
(And those are the letters and note cards from flowers that Gerry sent me while he was in Honduras. Every one of them kept.)

I told Gerry to stay in the office while I set this all up. He kept asking me, "Can I come now?" "Noo"...1 second later..."Can I come NOW?" "Nooooooo"

This was his "Come, let's eat now" look.

This was our Valentine's dessert, although we didn't actually eat it until this evening. 

So what did ya'll do for Valentine's Day? :)

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  1. :-) We didn't do anything. I suggested doing a couples night at church and having the youth serve, but since no one is motivated.... Oh well. Maybe next year. :-/ It looks like you had fun though! ~Lavina