Monday, December 29, 2014

Celebrate | Christmas 2014

I won’t spend any time dwelling on the fact that it has been months since I’ve been here. I have more important things that I want to share with you than the excuses (or maybe good reasons) why I have been dreadfully absent. (Lack of Internet being a huge factor.) Christmas has come and gone…I anticipated it, decorated for it, shopped for it, baked for it, photographed it…and all that remains is the photos and memories…ok the decorations are still up too. But, being the go-getters that we are, the day after Christmas we began taking up our laminate flooring (which was a bad flooring choice for us) and we are currently ensconced in the process of laying down hardwood flooring. So the Christmas decorations are still up, they’re just a little displaced at the moment. untitleduntitled-2 untitled-4 untitled-9  untitled-11 untitled-16 untitled-19 untitled-36 untitled-48 untitled-52 untitled-55 untitled-56 untitled-57  untitled-58 I was so excited for this Christmas…more excited than I have been in years. Mainly because it was Jaxon’s first “real” Christmas with us. Last year he was only a month old, so all the wonder of the season was lost on him. This year, he took in the lights, the tree, the presents with delight and wonder. But I was also excited because I really wanted to celebrate. My heart was so full of thankfulness for all that I have and I wanted to give back to Jesus by celebrating Him. My celebration of each moment was my thanks to Him for the gifts that He has given me. He has given me a wonderful husband, an adorable son, a precious new life within me, a home to call my own, and extended family that loves us. There are many more gifts that He has given me, but these are the ones that I especially thought of this Christmas. untitled-51  untitled-50 untitled-53 untitled-66 untitled-70  untitled-76 untitled-87  untitled-83 untitled-93 Looking back over these photos leaves me with a happy feeling. For maybe the first time, I found joy and contentment, not in the decorations and the presents, (although those were super fun too!!) but I enjoyed Christmas for the little moments. The moments of watching my son become a master at unwrapping gifts (and he had a LOT to practice on!), watching his delight at each new toy and book hidden underneath the crinkly paper. The moments spent with family just being together. untitled-94  untitled-95 untitled-99 untitled-101  untitled-103 untitled-111 untitled-113 untitled-131  untitled-133 untitled-137 untitled-142 Usually at the end of the Christmas season I feel a little sad because I feel like I missed something. Something passed me by…as if I wasn’t as prepared or “in” to it as I wanted to be. I don’t feel like that this time. Because I realize that the celebration can still continue. I still have these wonderful gifts that God has given to me and I can keep on celebrating them. I can celebrate when my baby is born, I can celebrate the anticipation of spring, and everything in between. untitled-143 untitled-146 untitled-151 untitled-154 untitled-161 untitled-155 untitled-172 untitled-174 untitled-176 untitled-178 untitled-181 untitled-183  untitled-184 untitled-190 untitled-193 untitled-195 untitled-197  untitled-200 In recent years a phrase from the song Silent Night has always stood out to me. Jesus, Lord at Thy birth. At the very time of Jesus’ birth, He became Lord of the whole world. He didn’t wait to become Lord till He was a grown man, but He became Lord at the very moment of His birth. That is so profound and so powerful to me. A newborn baby is so fragile, so needy…and yet…Jesus, LORD at Thy birth. untitled-211  untitled-217 I hope you celebrated this Christmas with thankfulness and wonder at the gifts that Jesus has given you. The gift that HE is to you.

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