Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Teething Days

I really wanted to title this post “How to survive with two teething babies”. I would have had a nice little list of profound things to say about how to get through these times with flying colors all while maintaining your sanity. (And dignity!) It would have been so inspiring and encouraging. At least, in my head it was.
But honestly? Having two teething babies does not come with a nice little list of easy instructions. Who wants to hear a sugar-coated version anyway, when anyone who is a mom knows that teething is anything but “easy”. On you and the baby. Toss in one extra child that is also working on a set of chompers and suddenly the whole picture changes.
So yes. I have two teething babies right now. Jaxon is handling it quite well considering he has not one but four teeth coming in at the same time. Poor Taylor is struggling though. The real honest truth about teething? At my house, it means holding and rocking your inconsolable almost-6 month old while desperately waiting for the Tylenol to kick in so that the poor baby can take a nap. All while making sure that his older brother is not getting into trouble because, of course, the best time to be naughty is when mama is preoccupied.
What experiences do you have with teething babies?

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