Monday, August 17, 2015

In The Slow Lane

The time of canning and gardening is drawing to a close for us. I enjoy that part of summer, the busyness, but I am appreciating the fact that fall is coming and with it, a slower pace. I enjoy all the seasons to some degree or another, but by the end of one season, I am ready for the change that a new season brings.
This week especially is not as busy for us. With the exception of the usual (unfortunately, we have to eat, wear clean clothes, and we enjoy a clean house) I am thinking this week may be the week to have a new friend over one afternoon, visit another friend and see her new baby, and work on some knitting projects.  I love weeks like this where it doesn’t feel like there is a rush to get things done, but rather, you can just kind of let things happen and catch up on little projects here and there.
What does your week look like? Are you looking forward to fall?

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