Monday, October 26, 2015


Come thou fount   I am finally getting around to blogging our trip to Honduras. I know, I know basically two months later. Better late than never.
Gerry’s biologic family is from Honduras, so we make it a priority to go down and visit them, especially with the kiddos now. We want our children to be aware of their heritage and to know their Honduran family.
Come thou fount
This year’s trip was interesting with two little ones, to say the least. We survived (barely, it feels like), but I think it will be a long while before I’ll be ready to try international travel with two children again.Come thou fount  The boys spent lots of time in an old fashioned tin tub, just splashing around.
Come thou fount
This is Gerry’s sister Chelsea. Folks, I could have packed her into my suitcase and brought her home with me. She is a baby-whisperer. No lie, most evenings, between her and Gerry, I didn’t even have a baby to put to sleep. She took such good care of Taylor for me that I started calling her Mama Chelsea.
Come thou fount
This is Gerry’s mom Alba. This particular evening, Jaxon let her put him to sleep which surprised me because he wouldn’t usually let other people put him down.
All of our tripping has been so good for Jaxon like that. He used to be so reserved and would cling so much to Gerry and I, not wanting to let anybody but us hold him. Going new places and seeing so many new people all at once has helped him tremendously. He has opened up in ways that I only prayed would happen. This to the delight of his mama and grandparents. :)
Come thou fount Come thou fount
We were in Honduras over their Indpendence Day, and Chelsea was in the parade. She wore a traditional Honduran dress and danced some traditional Honduran dances (which we didn’t get to see).Come thou fount Come thou fount Come thou fount Come thou fount Come thou fount
I am thankful that we got to make this trip. I got to experience some things that I have never experienced before, and hopefully I will get to blog about those things some time soon.

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