Tuesday, October 6, 2015

There Is No Place Like Home

Come thou fount
Hello blog world!
It has been awhile, hasn’t it?? Can I just say…whew. Deep breath.
The last month has been ca-razy on a number of levels. Right about now, a month ago, we were preparing to take off for a 2+ week trip to Honduras. We experienced international travel with two under two for the first time, and let me just say, that is not for the faint of heart. I look at other people and how they fly so nicely with their babies and I just think, “what am I doing wrong?” I try to be prepared for anything, yet pack minimally, but I always end up with a ridiculously heavy bag filled with everything that I think I might need, yet when it comes right down to it, I can’t find what I need without disrupting the so-called organized bag. No matter how well I plan, the actual travel part does not go as smoothly as I envision it. Usually it ends up with a cranky baby (or babies!) and an even crankier mom, and a hubby who is trying to help out but his efforts are going largely unappreciated because of the said cranky mom. That being said, does anyone have uber amazing tips for traveling internationally with babies? I thought I would be a professional by now, since we flew to Honduras last year with Jaxon, but after this year’s trip, I realize I have a long way to go.
All in all, the trip to Honduras was a good one, spending time with Gerry’s family and friends. Sometime I would like to post all about that trip, with photos and sharing some of the experiences that I had that were definitely firsts for me. Be checking back for that!
We returned home from Honduras early, early on a Thursday morning. Like, 2:30 early. Yeah. Anywho, being the crazy people that we are, two days later, we took off on another trip. This time a roadtrip north to Wisconsin. That’s an 18+ hour trip from where we live in Central Virginia. Yeah. We crazy. The purpose of the trip was for work/visit to my dad’s side of the family. My uncle needed some work done on his new house, so Gerry went up to help out with that, and the boys and I hung out with Grandma.
I actually lived at Grandma’s house for about 4 months helping her out after she had surgery. This was 5 years ago, so it was great to be back and to see some of my friends from out there.
Since getting home on Sunday, we have been busy settling back into life at home. The last two days have been filled with restocking our empty fridge, washing a pile of laundry, and catching up on bills. Lots of fun. Ha.
Our travels for the month of October are not over, however. This weekend we have a family reunion with my mom’s side of the family at a state park about an hour from us. The following weekend is our annual church camping trip, also about an hour from us. These short weekend trips will be a lot less stressful than the long trips that we’ve just been on. I think.
It is so fun being able to travel and see different places, visiting friends and family, but my goodness…it is so good to be HOME.
I am also glad to be back here in the blog world. I hope to get back in the groove of blogging regularly and I feel like I have a little bit of a new perspective on this whole blogging thing. I just want ya’ll to know, that I so enjoy being here, and I so enjoy hearing from each of you and what your lives are like.
So tell me, what have YOU been doing lately?

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