Saturday, November 7, 2015

Simple Thanksgiving Decor

I find it hard to believe that Thanksgiving is only days away. This is my most favorite time of year; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday all happening within two months and I remember as a child that it just seemed to take so long to come around. Now, I almost wish it didn’t come quite so fast because I feel like I barely have time to enjoy it. No matter what, it is almost here, and maybe you are kind of panicking about throwing together some decorations for your Thanksgiving festivities. Orrr, maybe you skip Thanksgiving decorations all together and go straight to Christmas, in which case, shame on you. Thanksgiving is supposed to be celebrated first. Jk. But, seriously.
Whatever your tradition, I thought I would share with you some simple Thanksgiving decorations that I did this year. By simple, I do mean simple. These are for you, busy mom that wants to have a slightly festive looking home without spending a ton of money and time on things that the kids will probably mangle and/or eat anyway.
Simple thanksgiving decor
For this, I bought cheap plastic pumpkins and painted some with white chalk paint, others I spray painted gold. Fill a glass bowl with your painted pumpkins and some colorful fall leaves and you have a pretty decoration for your coffee table or dining room table.
Simple thanksgiving decor
Those colorful leaves? They are real, folks. [thank you, Pinterest] Simply coat both sides [one at a time and let dry inbetween] of the leaves with ModPodge and when they dry, they will keep their color! It would be best to cover them with ModPodge the same day that you gather them, before they get dried and brown.
Simple thanksgiving decor
This is a simple banner that you can totally DIY. I found the template for it somewhere on Pinterest…or was it Etsy…I don’t remember now.
Simple thanksgiving decor
This is probably my favorite decor piece for this time of year…a Thanksgiving tree. Gather a few bare branches from outside and place them in a vase. Make your own tags or search Pinterest for free printable tags [these came from Pinterest, alas, I know not where]. Use the tags to write down things you are thankful for throughout the holiday months. This is a fun one that your family can join in on too. I like to keep mine up through Christmas as well and just add some pine branches to the vase.
Hopefully these simple ideas will inspire you to add a little Thanksgiving decor to your house.
What ways do you make your house festive for Thanksgiving?

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