Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Potty Training Update

potty training
A while ago, I wrote about mystrategy for potty training. I thought it was probably about time to give an update on how that’s going. (Hahaha see what I did there?) I started officially training him a few days before his second birthday. I did alter my strategy a bit after I kinda got a feel for how things were gonna go.
Here is how it broke down:
Day one I put Jaxon in pull ups and let him drink all the liquids. At the beginning, I set the timer for every 20 minutes, but I quickly discovered he was going long before than, so I bumped the time down to every 10 minutes. He went in his little toiletevery single time. Hoo-ray. Day two I once again had him in pull ups and we did basically the same routine, maybe without as much liquid. Fromday three and on, he has been wearing pull ups and (most of the time) going pee pee whenever I put him on his toilet. As far as informing me of his need to tinkle? Ha. Hahaha. Yeah. We’re still working on that part. I learned early on that Jaxon really did not want to stop playing with his toys to go to the bathroom. I mean, of all things why on earth is a trip to the bathroom even necessary?? There have been some small victories in this area, a time or two he has let us know when he has to go, but for the most part, he just goes when we tell him it’s time to go. I know, a lot of people would say thatwe are the ones who are potty trained instead of Jaxon. A few times I wondered to myself if he really is ready to potty train or not and even entertained the idea of quitting. But my inner mom instinct/gut was saying, screaming rather, that he is perfectly capable of informing me when he needed to go. So we have been keeping on with it, and hopefully he’ll “find his voice” in the matter.
That is where we are with that, and hopefully we’ll be showing some real progress sometime soon!

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