Thursday, January 7, 2016

Goals For 2016 + 1 Essential For The New Year

You guys, I am so motivated for this New Year. I’m not really sure why, I don’t know that I’ve ever been this motivated before at the start of a new year. But I am so ready to do all the things and make it happen! My only question is: how do you keep that motivation going throughout the year? Any tips, let me know!
I already shared my word for 2016, but I thought I would also share my goals for this New Year. There is nothing super spectacular about them, nothing ultra life changing. I kept them realistic and simple. Nothing crazy and outlandish. There are some that are more meaningful, some practical, some just for fun.
So, here goes…my goals for 2016:
|Goal One| Cherish
Actually, this is also my word for 2016 and if you want to hear more about how it came to me, you can check out my last post here. This year I desperately want to cherish all of the little moments with my family. I want to hold them close and love them right where they are even when the situation isn’t very ideal. I want to cherish my children and husband for who they are and for the happiness that they bring me.
|Goal Two| Exercise
If you know me remotely well, you know that I quake on the inside when I hear the word exercise. Words and phrases like shredded, ripped, insanity workout, and intense make me want to curl up on the couch with an episode of Downton Abbey and a cupcake. No joke, I started exercising last week, and the first day I really, really wanted to back out before I had even started. I was almost in tears. I exercised two days in a row and for like, two days, I couldn’t walk up and down stairs without wincing because my legs were so sore. By the third day, I was stoked and ready to go again. I kinda sorta like that post-exercise feeling you get. And it seems like I have more energy to make it through the rest of the day and I feel more motivated. Maybe that’s just my imagination…. My goal is to exercise at least twice a week, preferably three times a week. I am writing it down in my weekly schedule so that there are no excuses for not doing it. I only feel super satisfied if everything on my to do list is crossed off, so just for the sake of crossing it off, hand me my weights.
|Goal Three| Organize
This is the time of year fororganizing. Well, actually, I pretty much am always in the mood to organize something…and I realized that right at this moment, there is nothing in my house that is truly, 100% organized. At least, not to my standards. What once was in a state of organization has been disrupted so many times that there is only a small semblance of organization. That being said, I seriously, seriously want to get my house in order. I love having everything in its place…makes my heart do these happy, contented little dances. Too often though, there are multiple places for just one item and it drives me crazy. Absolutely crazy. It’s an ongoing process, and I just have to take it a little bit at a time.
|Goal Four| Read
I want to read 52 books this year. Yes. That is one per week. I have no idea if I can do it. Ha ha ha. I do love to read books, but so often I find that I mostly read IG or blogs and I want to be more focused on books than reading online stuff. I’m going to try to mix up my reading list with lots of good fiction, inspirational reading, and maybe a few biographies. I am currently reading a book that came up for review, so be checking back for more on that!
|Goal Five| Improve

I had a crazy idea to improve my handwriting. My handwriting veries from chicken scratch to big and sort of a cross between bubbly and chicken scratch. (gag) And I almost have to have lines on my paper. Otherwise, my writing looks about as consistent as trying to write while riding a roller coaster. So, that’s a fun little challenge that I decided to throw onto my list of goals for this year.

There ya have it. There is so much ahead for this year. It’s a start of something new. A new page, no mistakes made. I think sometimes we can put too much pressure on ourselves with that phrase no mistakes made. We are all human, so we can expect that at some point in this New Year, we will make mistakes. And that’s okay. We don’t have to be perfect. But there is one essential that we need, that I need, so desperately in this New Year. That is Jesus. He is essential to our success at the start of a New Year, at the start of anything really. If we just submit to Him our desires and goals, He can make big things happen. He can give us the strength to carry on even when we don’t feel like it. And boy, do I need that. I need it right now. Always. Maybe in this New Year, He will change your goals, change what you thought you wanted to do with the year. Let Him. Let Him be number one, the essential One. Let Him sustain you. Lean into Jesus. I am preaching this to myself, because I know myself. I know how I like to try to do things on my own and when things fail or I fail than I feel…well…like a failure. And that is no fun. But my heart’s desire above and beyond accomplishing the goals I listed, is to serve Jesus this year. To follow Him. To lean into Him. Not to do things in my own strength (because I have none) but to do it in His strength.
“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”
Philippians 4:13
I hope that you have a very Happy New Year and that you start out this year on the right foot. With Jesus. Be inspired. Be motivated.

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