Friday, January 29, 2016

Gratitude Journal & Weekend Plans

 It's the weekend! I love weekends so much. Even on Friday, I feel myself starting to wind down, relaxing and ready to set aside the work of the week to just be. I always look forward to having Saturdays to focus on activities and projects outside of normal housework. Sundays for simply being with my little family. I am looking forward to our weekend project which I will tell you about in a minute, but first, here are several things that I am thankful for! (If you want to catch the beginning of this list of gratitude, just follow the My 1,000 labels in the sidebar.)

I am thankful for:

55. My baby's sweet babbling conversation
56. An evening off while Gerry watches the boys

57. The smell of chocolate cake baking

 As most of you probably know, we are in the process of remodeling our house. Although we have accomplished a lot in the two years that we've lived here, one thing that is still on the to do list is a kitchen overhaul. It is in much need of one, but I'll spare you all the gory details for now. One area that needs help is the cabinets and after some searching and thinking through options, we scored a sweet deal on cabinets. They are currently sitting in our basement and this weekends plans include getting a start on painting them! I am so excited and even though there is so much more that needs to happen before we can install the cabinets, it's nice knowing that we have them and that we can start making a dent in the renovation of the kitchen.

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