Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our January


 January started off with celebrating the one year birthday of Taylor. It was so exciting to be able to do something special for this little guy that we love so much. He has filled our lives with such joy and we couldn't be happier to have him here with us.
 Taylor loves to run around in his walker and he has really started to get the hang of it the last week or so. He has the funniest little quirks, like the way he tilts his head sometimes to look at you and how he beckons with his fat little hand for you to "come" even though he has no idea that it means that. When he waves at you, it usually involves both hands and he is so fascinated by his ability to move his hands in a circular motion. Taylor will often shriek in delight and he loves any excuse to clap his hands. His enthusiasm is endearing and contagious.
  January also brought with it several days of snow. A day or two before the big east coast snowstorm Jonas, we had a light dusting of snow that came along.

  We had a lovely Honduran meal with Gerry's sister, brother-in-law and friends. You simply can't get much better than homemade enchiladas. No joke, I could two or three right now. Talk about YUM.

  Snowstorm Jonas gave us the chance to take a three day weekend and I treated it like a holiday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent in utter relaxation with very little on the agenda besides staying cozy, reading, and watching movies.


 The first month of 2016 is already gone, vanished like so much sand in a glass. How are those new years goals coming along? Motivation is still running pretty high over here, but one thing I thought of today that has been shoved down under a pile of other stuff is the word that came to me for this new year. Cherish. If I'm honest with myself, I've already failed at it.
  I am re-reading Ann's book "One Thousand Gifts" and oh boy, I am right there with her in her search for joy. Any part of that book at any given time could be me right now. How do you find joy in the mundane moments? How do you cherish those moments? Honestly, most of the time, I see very little or nothing to cherish. What is there to cherish when you're folding laundry and the kids are alternately whining and you feel like you're barely diffusing a bomb that's about to go off, and you're supposed to give thanks?? Find joy?? The oldest is crying from an ear ache and you're thinking you'll probably have to take him to the doctor because this has been going off and on for a week now, and joy?? Where? How? Give me a quiet space with a cup of tea and a book or my crochet project and then, maybe then, I can talk about joy, cherishing, and giving thanks.
 It's in the hard things when you really need to practice it. "Practice makes perfect" after all. It is so hard, and oh I pray that my eyes would be open to finding joy in each moment. That I would make that choice to cherish even in the middle of rough patches. To find something that sparks joy within me. To find my joy in Jesus, not in the failed expectations of relationships.
 There is joy in front of me, I know there is. I want to find it. I want to find those moments that are filled with glory even if they are bracketed by the mundane and ordinary and hard things.

 Tell me: how do you find joy in the hard things? How do you cherish moments?

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