Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Taylor | One Year | Central Virginia Child Photography


 As of today, Taylor is already 13 months. I finally got around to doing a mini photo shoot of him for his one year photos. I've already blogged about his first birthday party so today I'm going to share his birth story.

 He made his entrance to this world on January 9. Early in the morning, around 2 or 3, I began with mild contractions. They slowly began to build over a span of 30 minutes or so. I was actually able to time them this time, unlike with Jaxon. Contractions began at 5-7 minutes apart. I didn't want to rush into the hospital right away, so we waited a bit and then made the decision to go ahead and leave. The contractions continued all the way to the hospital. They first took me into the ER and were in the process of getting me registered when they finally got the message that I was in active labor right at that moment. I think the nurses were a little astounded at how many contractions I was having just sitting there waiting.
  When we got up to the birthing center, they took me into a triage room. I was, of course, still having regular contractions only a few minutes apart, and once again, they realized that I needed a room, now. I didn't have time to go through preliminaries. Once settled in my room, I worked through contractions while signing all those papers and having an IV put in. (Worst thing ever, having to attempt to hold a pen and sign your name when you barely have strength).
  This whole labor and delivery was different than it was with Jaxon. I actually felt mentally aware of what was going on and I was able to ask the nurses questions in between contractions.
  By the time I was 9 cm, I was ready to push. The only problem, the doctor wasn't there yet. I kept asking "Is he here yet?? I want to push!" When the doctor finally arrived, it was much to my relief, and within 20-30 minutes, Taylor was here.
  Writing out my birth stories like this makes it seem so simple and almost uneventful. Compared to a lot of ladies, my births are easy and really fast. But that doesn't lessen the miracle of it. How wonderful it is to be a part of something so amazing, so powerful.
  I am so thankful for the birth stories that God has given me and how He had His hand over us. Protecting and keeping us. So much can go wrong during a birth, but He has seen fit to prevent that from happening.
  This past year with Taylor has truly been a blessing to us. He is our happy, easy going baby. He brings so much joy to us and it is so incredible to see his relationship with his older brother grow. They have so much fun together even though they also get on each others nerves sometimes.

I just have a feeling that we will have so many wonderful adventures with these two little dudes.

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