Monday, March 7, 2016

Why I Use Essential Oils

 My journey with essential oils really began last summer. I was looking for a safe, effective alternative to regular bug spray. It pretty much goes without saying that bug sprays on the market are loaded with things that just aren't very good for you. Although I didn't research them indepth, I knew I wanted a safer product for my children. We all know how kids are with sticking their fingers in their mouths and I just couldn't bare the thought of slathering them down with something that was bad for them.
 I heard of the Doterra essential oil blend that acts as an insect repellant and knew it was worth a shot. 
 Summer went by and I continued to see the ever growing craze for essential oils all over...well, everywhere! I had a lot of questions about oils, but my main one was "Do they actually work, or are the results all in people's heads??" My friend that I ordered from was so wonderful in giving me honest answers about oils. She recommended I start with the introductory kit from Doterra which consists of lavender, lemon, and peppermint essential oils. Fast forward several months and I took the plunge and ordered a physician kit and became a wellness advocate. (More on that in a bit.)
  So then, the big questions, why essential oils? Do they work? I feel like I am learning the "why" of essential oils the more I use them. It's all about wellness. I will state right now that essential oils will not cure you and there is still a time and a place when you need to make use of antibiotics. With essential oils it's all about promoting your health. Not so much fixing what ails you, as helping to maintain your health and helping your body's natural defenses against illness. Sounds pretty great, right? Are they effective? In short, yes, they are. We have been amazed at how well they actually do when we put them to use. It took me awhile to "think oils" and often I would think of them as a last resort always ending up wondering why I didn't think of them in the first place. Now, I look for any excuse to whip out my oils. (I was literally bummed the other day when Gerry's headache went away before I could get oils on it. 😜) It feels so good knowing that I am using natural means of improving and maintaining my families health. 
 As I already mentioned, I have become a Wellness Advocate with Doterra. This means that you can order oils through me as well as sign up under me to become a wellness advocate and take advantage of their wholesale pricing. If you are interested in this, or have any questions about oils, you can find my Doterra website here or by emailing me at the_essential_home {at} yahoo {dot} com. 
 You can also follow along over on Instagram where I will be talking about all things oils and posting DIYs using essential oils. Hope to see you there!

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