Wednesday, April 13, 2016

On My Heart

 For awhile now my mind has been hashing out the purpose and intent of this blog. There have been stirrings inside of me for some time that as yet have never really been put into words. Words on a page make things seem so concrete, so much more set, final. The other day I decided to pen down some of those stirrings and what resulted was more than I expected. What flowed from pen to paper came almost faster than I could write it down. I don't know where all this will lead, but here it is, my heart on paper...errrr, screen...

 Motherhood can be terrifying and wonderful and intimidating and emotional all rolled into one. It is mostly hard, not always rewarding, but yet so fulfilling and in many is actually rewarding. There are emotional highs where you are just soaring and loving your family and your life and then there are lows where you wonder if you are doing any of it right. You get the sense that you might be missing smething, but you're not sure what.
 The number one thing that I have noticed, especially in new and young mothers, is that we tend to feel alone; that we are the only one's who lose it sometimes or that our children are the only ones that are naughty. Deep down inside I know we all know that we're not alone, we're not the only ones. We know that everyone else's children are not sitting neatly in a line on the couch dressed in their Sunday best with cherubic expressions on their faces. (If that is your children, then please tell me this: how??) Sometimes though, we mothers need to hear it verbalized out loud. We need that confirmation from others that we aren't as wacky as what we think we are. You know the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." That is so very true and it could also be said that it takes a village to raise a mama. Mamas need advice from other people. First and foremost, we should turn to God and our husbands for help and confirmation in our purpose as mothers. But God has also placed other people in our lives to lift us up along the way, to lend a helping hand or a listening ear; to advise and inspire us in our journey of motherhood.
 That is the reason, the purpose, the focus that I desire for this blog. I have a burning passion for motherhood because it is the very stage of life that I am in right now. I do not have it all figured out and each and every day brings new experiences, new lessons that I am learning. My family is not perfect. Many, many days I feel as though I am just trying to keep my head above water between the endless to do lists, the mouths to feed, the diapers to change, the teething, etc. But I am also striving to maintain joy in this journey. To be the happy, peaceful wife and mama that my family needs me to be and that God wants me to be. And I believe that it is possible.
 I know that you are on a journey too and I want to come alongside you and encourage you and maybe you would be willing to come alongside me and do the same. This has long been my desire for this blog, but I feel like I am just now gaining a much clearer focus for it and a greater burning for it. I would be humbled and honored if you made this blog part of your village. Come and learn with me. We can do so much more together then we can alone.

 So there you have it. I don't know what all this clearer focus entails or where God is going to take this. Possibly a name change (I know, cue the rolling eyes), but wherever it leads, I'm just gonna take it slow and day by day. For starters, I want to have a clearer focus on the content. I want to share more things that can help you as a mama. More recipes, more of the day-to-day of toddlerhood and motherhood, more about creating a restful home, more tips and tricks to give you inspiration. And always random bits of our lives lately. If there is anything that you want me to write about, do not hesitate to write a comment below.

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