Monday, June 6, 2016

How We Potty Trained In Two Days

A while back on Instagram I mentioned that I was going to share how I potty trained Jaxon in two days. Well, at long last, here is that aforementioned post.

 Really, it could be said that Jaxon potty trained himself. Because that's virtually what happened. I was just his biggest cheerleader and coach.
 You might remember that we attempted the potty training a number of months ago and you can read about those experiences here and here. Cue the sad faces because at that time, Jaxon wasn't ready for potty training. He wasn't telling me when he had to go and consequently, he would pee through his Pull Ups constantly. I put him back in diapers thinking that we would attempt this whole training thing at a later date. Well, Jaxon happens to be a huge fan of water. No joke, he has probably the best flushed system of just about anybody on this earth. As we all know, what goes in eventually comes out, or most of it anyway, and in Jaxon's case, it was definitely most of it. He was constantly peeing through his diapers and pants. Not because I was being a lazy mother (or was I?) but because I would check him, find him fairly dry, and literally the next time I looked at him his whole backside was wet. Remember how we talked about what goes in, comes out? Yeah. Totally. I was getting to the point where I wanted to have him potty trained but I dreaded starting it again. What if it didn't go well again?
 After much pushing and prodding from Gerry and a day where Jaxon took himself to the bathroom just one time, I made the decision to give potty training another go.
 Wonder of wonders, the day before I planned to begin potty training, Jaxon took himself to the bathroom numerous times. I was rather hopeful things would go better!
 This time, I changed up my strategy. I never thought I would do this, but I chose to do the no-pants method. It took some bravery, but it turned out to work really well. The first day of training, I let Jaxon run around with his bottom free and clear. I pumped him full of water and apple juice then sat back and let nature take its course. I did not set any timer, just waited on Jaxon to give me cues. It worked! I think not wearing pants made him more aware of what was going on down there and he had only one major accident on the first day!
 The second day was pretty much a repeat except I started him out with real underwear (I had previously decided that I was going to totally skip the Pull Ups). He had several accidents in his underwear that morning, so I switched him to pantless again for a couple hours. He did really well that day, even stopping his playing and watching a movie to go pee. I was worried about those things, especially what he would do if he was watching a movie, so I tested him on it and he passed!
 Since then, Jaxon has stayed very consistent. Even holding it if we're in the car and can't get to a bathroom right away. He had a few more accidents at the beginning but for the most part, he is totally accident free. I didn't know it would feel this good to have a potty trained child! Makes life so much easier and it means less diapers to buy!
 Somehow I think we nailed the timing just right. Most of the time while training him, he wouldn't even tell me he had to go, he just took off for the bathroom by himself.
 It all comes down to timing and knowing your child. It turned out to not be as scary as I thought it would be and the benefits are even better!


  1. Great job, jaxon! This is so awesome. I totally dread potty training. :( Kathy just got thro it with her jaxson too. :)

  2. I definitely dreaded it the second time around with Jaxon. Turns out, I didn't have to do a whole lot! And I'm so glad it's behind me now. :)