Saturday, June 18, 2016

They Call Him Papa

With Father's Day tomorrow, I couldn't help but write a "brag-post" to the man who made me a mama. Gerry has taught me so much about being a parent and I don't think I'll ever measure up to him. He is everything I hope to be one day as a parent and I am so thankful that I get to do this whole parenting thing with him.

  Sometimes I wonder how single parents, especially single moms, handle the ups and downs of parenting by themselves. I can't imagine not having Gerry here as my main support (besides Jesus, of course). Even though he doesn't always have the answers, he is willing to just lend a listening ear and a shoulder to bawl on if needed (and it has been needed). He shows me by example how to teach and show love to our children. He has patience for them when I am nearing the end of mine. He encourages me to do fun things with them, even if it means house work gets put aside for awhile (I'm still not very good with that).
 Gerry is so attentive to things like giving me a break from cooking every so often. My almost-favorite words out of his mouth are "Honey, what are your plans for supper?" because I know he's going to offer to take us out to eat. Heehee, I try not to sound too eager, or take him up on his offer too fast. ;)
 He is absolutely incredible at coming home from work and being so enthusiastic about seeing the boys. It doesn't matter if he had a long day and is tired, he still gets so excited to see his little buddies. Many times, he'll take one or both of them outside to watch him work. I love this so much, because I think one of the best places a little boy can be is with his daddy watching/helping him work. Sometimes after supper, Gerry will take both boys outside for a swing ride or a walk so that I have time to clean the kitchen up. Although our bath time routine has changed a bit since having two children (Gerry always gave Jaxon his evening bath), Gerry still bathes the boys on many evenings while I clean the kitchen up. Sometimes I do it myself, sometimes it's a team effort.
 Gerry has this wonderful philosophy for raising children that is part consistent discipline and part mercy. He has the perfect balance between the two and as a result, the boys have so much respect for him, both as their buddy and as their authority. Often times, all it takes is one stern glance or one spoken command from their papa, and both boys are immediately toeing the line. Yes, discipline comes in occasionally, but they know that there are consequences for continued misbehavior.
 The boys absolutely adore their papa. They get so excited when I tell them that Papa is home from work. If we have to drive separate vehicles when going somewhere and the boys are with me, they usually melt into weeping and wailing for their beloved papa whom, apparently, they won't eeeeeeeevvvvvver see again. *cue sarcasm* While I know the boys do love me, there are times when they blatantly choose Gerry over me. I secretly love this because I love that they love their papa so much. I did jokingly tell Gerry once, though, when we have another baby, especially if it's a girl, I'm not going to let him hold her until she's a year old so that she'll be only my baby. :)
 It's common knowledge around this house that when Gerry babysits for me him and the boys have more fun while I'm gone than when I'm around. :) Whether it's taking them out for ice cream, going on a bike ride, making kites for them, making milk shakes for them, or relaxing in the hammock, I know that they are having the best of times. And every single time by the time I'm home, the boys are bathed and in bed, fast asleep. I tell you, I have it so good.
 One thing I love to see is how Gerry teaches them to pray. Even before they're able to talk, he lays the ground work for them by showing them how to pray.
 I also love watching Gerry on Sunday mornings when he plays guitar for the boy's. He lines them up on the couch, all dressed in their Sunday best, and sings to them. They love it, and Jaxon will even initiate it sometimes by asking to "singa sing".
 I could go on and on about how good of a papa Gerry is. Suffice it to say, I am so glad I have him with me in this crazy thing called parenting. I am so thankful that the boys have him to look up to as a papa. I feel so blessed to call this little family mine and we truly have so much fun, the four of us together. God has blessed us so much.


  1. aaah! This warmed my heart all to pieces. I've caught glimpses of what an amazing dad Gerry is and having it so beautifully confirmed makes me proud to call him my bro. <3 You wrote it so wonderfully...:)