Friday, August 12, 2016

Life Lately

 Ooosh. That's the sound of me settling into my chair in front of the computer screen. It's been quiet around here the last while, although not intentionally so. I feel like I'm always commenting on that, how it's been awhile since I've been here, etc. I like to think of it though, like one of my favorite bloggers put it, that I am a seasonal blogger. Blogging when the time suits or when I'm inspired. It doesn't always have to be a constant flow of words from this little corner even if sometimes I wish it could be. There are times when inspiration overflows and other times when I just don't have anything to say. I would rather not say anything than babble on pointlessly, although I've been guilty of that in the past.
 I thought I would bring you a little up to speed on what we have been doing lately.

 //Reading// I just started reading this book; I have been wanting to read it for a long time and it is everything I thought it would be. It is so much more than just a book on home design. It literally feels like a friend standing with me and telling me that I don't have to buy into the idea of perfection that is flaunted all over the internet and instead, I can just be real and be me and my home can reflect that. Definitely a must read!

//Excited// Jaxon is starting preschool at the end of this month! He will turn three later this fall and I have no idea when the "normal" age for starting preschool is, but I don't really care. When my youngest brother was a little older than Jaxon, I used to play "school" with him and I was so determined to actually teach him his letters and how to read. Hence, this is a really big deal for me, being able to teach Jaxon here at home. I'm pretty sure I am way more excited than he is, although I know he'll absolutely love it. Seeing his interest in learning is a huge motivator for me and I am so looking forward to getting started! We are using this curriculum which I have talked about here and I cannot recommend it enough. We completed the preview unit for the preschool curriculum a few months ago and Jaxon loved it as well as I did!

//Listening// Taylor has been adding new words to his vocabulary almost daily and we get the biggest kick out of making him repeat words and phrases in his adorable baby voice (totally biased; don't care). Our favorites are "Alrise!" (alright), "All done!" & "All bettah!" His vocabulary at 19 months is more extensive than Jaxon's was at that age; actually it's almost on the same level as Jaxon's now.

//Dreaming// We are going to be remodeling our kitchen sometime in the near future and I am so excited. There is still planning to be done, but I get caught up sometimes daydreaming about what it will look like when it's complete. This, this, and this are a few of the ideas that are inspiring me and rolling around in my head.

//Wishing// I wish we somehow had the means of stopping time. Freezing the very moments that we are living right now and stretching them out into a couple days if needed. More than just capturing them in a photograph, but reliving them in real time. I have been thinking about this lately along with the fact that I have done a really sad job of writing things down in the boys' baby books. Jaxon has one that is sort of a scrapbook/journal that my sister put together for him. I got materials to do a similar one for Taylor but so far I haven't started on it; I'm rethinking that idea and crushing on these baby journals. They go from your pregnancy all the way to 18 years old, with prompts for each stage of life, places for photos, and your child's artwork. I don't have one yet, but I got one for my sister-in-law and I really want one!

What have you been busy with lately? Any good reads? Something you're looking forward to?

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