Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Virginia Beach Trip


  It’s been more than a month now since our beach trip that we took at the end of June/July. I can’t help but post the photos from it anyway, because it was just such a good weekend. Aaaaand I really, really miss the beach, so there’s that. Gerry and I agreed that it was the best little vacation that we have taken as a family so far. We enjoyed it so thoroughly and the boys did too. We would love to make it a yearly vacation, maybe seeing what AirBnB’s might be in the area. (If you know of any good ones, let us know!)
 We made it a long weekend, getting there on a Thursday and coming home Sunday. We managed to pack the days with all the good things and made wonderful memories in the process. Some of the highlights for the boys were getting to see fighter jets and helicopters flying overhead, and lots of boats out on the water. Going through the tunnel was also an experience, one that Jaxon talked/obsessed about for a while afterwards. He was excited at first because I built up the anticipation for him, but then he wasn’t too sure about it as we progressed through the tunnel. He thought it was pretty cool though, once we were through.
 Most of our time was split between going down to the ocean and swimming in our resort pool. Jaxon took his time getting used to the water, but Taylor was in heaven. He has a more adventurous nature than Jaxon when it comes to certain things. We also spent time walking/bike riding along the boardwalk.


There is something about the ocean that just tugs at me. I love it’s vastness, the smell of the salty air, the way the waves crash onto the shore and then race away, pulling the sand back out to the watery depths. I can easily get lost in imagining what the ocean looks like underneath the surface of the water or what it would be like to sail across the ocean, surrounded by water. I love how the road leading to the ocean just suddenly—stops. Right at the ocean. It feels like the edge of the world. I never want to forget these experiences and the details involved with them. The way the taste of salt clings to your lips after a swim in the ocean. The way Jaxon shrieked and hollered as he chased sea gulls. The way he was totally content to sit on the beach playing with his beach toys in the sand. The way Taylor gleefully kicked his feet in the ocean and happily held my hands as we ran through the waves. Or the way both of the boys seemed to grow up that weekend. Taylor decided to walk and Jaxon became braver by the end, walking across the shallow pool at the resort all by himself and willingly floating through the water with his papa’s support.

  I love sharing experiences like these with the boys. Some people may think that a weekend like this would be more fun alone, just the two of you. And while I totally agree that that would also be amazing, we just truly, honestly, have so much fun having the boys with us on little trips like this. It’s worth it all just to experience new things through the eyes of toddlers. Everything is amazing and new to them and it makes you want to wring every drop of goodness out of the experience. Neither one of us can quite imagine leaving the boys behind and I hope we get to enjoy many more places and experiences with the boys.

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  1. I love these pics of your trip! Y'all make such a beautiful family. <3