Friday, April 28, 2017

It's A Girl!

 As long as I can remember, I have always dreamed of one day having a baby girl. Whether this dream was birthed from playing with my doll babies and dressing them in cute little clothes or memories of Mom sewing my sister and I homemade dresses, it's always been a desire of mine.
 Months before I even knew I was pregnant, when we decided that we were ready to add to our family, I received some advice from a little old lady in Honduras. Now, in Honduras superstitions abound on just about every topic under the sun. Having been there twice before while pregnant, I was well aware of some of the ridiculous things that people believe about pregnancies. So when this little old lady told me she had some advice for me I inwardly cringed, wondering what random, obnoxious thing she was going to come up with. It turned out that it was neither random nor obnoxious and was in fact the best piece of pregnancy advice I've ever received. She told me that if I wanted a little girl I should pray for one. She told me how she had wanted a little boy so she asked God for one and she told Him that if He gave her a little boy, she would behave herself. Hahaha I believe she ended up with a baby boy. :)
 I think for awhile before that I was already subconsciously praying for a little girl. But after that trip, I really began to pray about it.
 Fast forward several months to when I found out I was pregnany. From the beginning I suspected that I could very well be carrying a girl, mostly because my morning sickness was so much less than it was with the boys. I really only had about a week and a half where I felt the worst, the rest would hit at totally random moments and it subsided weeks before I hit the second trimester. About a week before our scheduled anatomy ultrasound, it occurred to me that along with praying for a little girl, I had also prayed that my morning sickness would be at a minimum (or nonexistent!). I just couldn't imagine being sick all the time with two toddlers to watch after. God saw fit to answer that prayer and the thought became very real to me that maybe He just went ahead and answered both prayers. You know, a nice little package deal.
 Then March 31st arrived. It was a rainy Friday and the ultrasound was scheduled for fairly early in the morning. We had decided to take the boys with us as we thought they would get a kick out of seeing the baby on the screen. We arrived at the hospital on time, but through a misunderstanding on my part we were told we might have to reschedule the ultrasound. I was a little disappointed. After all, I had been waiting for this day for a long time, it was the first time that we were finding out the gender before the birth and it just meant so much to me. Thankfully, I think God was taking care of me then too, because we were able to get in that day after all.
 I have to admit, I was filled with nervous anticipation going into the ultrasound. The tech didn't make us wait long, but went right to the important stuff. :) Right away, she said, "It is most definitely a girl!" Even though I half expected it, I still burst into tears because God had answered my prayers. Words cannot describe how happy I felt in that moment. The months of praying and dreaming about a little girl and now I knew for sure that a little miss will be joining us this summer. Don't get me wrong, if the baby had been a boy, I would have been happy then too. I mean, how much chaos fun would three boys be??
 Since then, the daydreaming has become reality and I have been thoroughly enjoying preparing for this beloved baby. The nursery is already fully stocked and decorated in my head, although there is work that actually needs to be done before that happens. (It's been our storage room ever since we moved here so a LOT of stuff has to be moved and relocated.)
  Some people say that dressing a little boy is just as much fun as dressing a little girl, but I feel like I lack the inspiration for it so dressing my little girl is gonna be super fun for me. Take a look at my children's style board on Pinterest to see what I'm digging for outfits for little miss (with a few boys outfits thrown in). You can also check out my inspiration for the nursery.
 There will probably be more updates along the way, maybe a nursery reveal at some point so stay tuned!

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