Friday, September 8, 2017

Keeping The Memories

As all parents know, these days with our children are fleeting. It isn't long before they are grown and off on their own. I feel more aware of it now with my third child because I've been here before. I know that the time will go so fast and soon we'll be celebrating Avelyn's first birthday (cue the tears).
 That's why I make the effort to capture the memories in photograph form, mostly with my phone, but occasionally with my big camera too. But what about after the photo is snapped? For me, most phone pictures get posted to Instagram. I've been on IG for going on four years now. I first joined when Jaxon was a newborn as a way for me to document his life through photos. I wanted to keep those memories stored away somewhere. I am still on that quest today, storing my photos on IG, but I don't want it to end there. I also want to have those photos in print form.
 I do this using Chatbooks and Artifact Uprising.
 Chatbooks is an app where you can upload your photos from Instagram into photo books or prints. For $8 you get a small book with 60 photos. You also have the option to make a photo book with more pages that costs a little more. A few months ago, I learned that you can connect your Instagram account to Chatbooks and every time you post a photo to IG, it automatically gets loaded to your Chatbook. Once you reach 60 photos, your photo book will be automatically sent to you and the process starts over. I love this because it is so easy! I don't have to hand pick which photos I want to upload and I have the option to omit photos before the book is printed and shipped. This has also made me much more intentional about what photos I post on IG. The whole reason I joined in the first place was to capture those moments that I don't want to forget and so I think twice before I post something kinda stupid. That's not to say that I don't post random stuff occasionally to IG since I can eliminate it later from my Chatbook, but for the most part, I keep my IG focused on the life and times of my children.
 Artifact Uprising is a photo printing business that is known for their quality prints. I just recently took advantage of an offer someone had on IG for 25 free prints and I was so impressed by them! There are so many options for different sized prints as well as photo books. Someday I would like to do our wedding photos into a photo book from Artifact Uprising.
 I would like to help you get started keeping the memories of your life and those you love. Let's get those photos off your phone and into something you can actually hold and pass around with your family and friends, shall we?
 Chatbooks: Use this link | | to subscribe to a photo book series and you'll get your first book free. (And I'll get a $5 credit-woot woot!)
 Artifact Uprising: Head over to Instagram and send me a DM with your email address; I'll send you a link from Artifact Uprising for a $10 credit to be used within 30 days. (I'll also get a $10 credit-win win!)
 So what are you waiting for? Get started printing those memories into something tangible that you can pull out and look at whenever you want.

 This post is not sponsored in anyway by Chatbooks or Artifact Uprising. All opinions are truly my own and I just wanted to share this with you all. And, ok, I really want some credit of my own.

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