Friday, September 1, 2017

The Birth of Avelyn Grace

 Contractions started around 6/6:30 on August 8. A couple different times I had had Braxton Hicks and on this day, I thought that these contractions were more of the same. As they persisted though, I began to think that this could be the day that I would meet my daughter. The contractions continued throughout the morning slowly building in intensity and getting closer and closer together. I helped the boys pack up their blankets and stuffed animals to take to grandma's house all the while stopping to breathe through contractions. At this time, contractions were coming at roughly 7 minute intervals.
 By 9:00 I was seriously considering that maybe we should be heading to the hospital. A conversation with my mom convinced me and I called Gerry (who was on the way to the dump with a load of trash) and told him he should turn around and come home. In a few minutes he was back and we loaded up and headed out for the hospital.

 Once I was settled in my room, the nurses left us and I labored with Gerry for the next couple hours. I got a brief respite between contractions but as they dragged on, my strength weakened to where I could barely squeeze Gerry's hand. All I could manage was to cling desperately to his shirt. All I could say was "God, help me."

 After what seemed like forever, but literally only a couple hours, we called the nurses in because I felt ready to push. They made a call to the doctor for him to come and break my water. Things were moving along quickly and I kept saying, "The doctor has to hurry!" As the nurses prepped everything for the delivery tears came to my eyes knowing that all of it was for my baby. Knowing that so soon, I would be holding my daughter for the first time.

 The nurse checked me and at that point, my water broke. She told me to listen to my body and push if I wanted to. I honestly didn't feel like I had the strength to push but I gave it a few feeble attempts. In a few minutes, the doctor arrived and there was a flurry of activity around me as the nurses finished prepping for the delivery. When everything was ready, the doctor told me I could push. With the very first hard push, everyone told me that the baby has a head full of dark hair. With the second push, the doctor told me that my baby would be here after one more push. I waited for the next contraction and then pushed for the third time. One more final push and Avelyn entered the world.

Overwhelmed, I held my sweet daughter to my chest. She was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I was/am completely taken by her plump little cheeks and picture perfect mouth. Her dark gray eyes captivated me from the first and the sparkle in them now completely undoes me.
 She was born into so much love coming from each one of us. It is such a joy to wake up to her everyday and if it's even possible, I think we fall more in love each day. I don't know what we ever did without her; it's like she's always been here. 

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  1. Congratulations!!!! :) What a sweet and cute baby girl!! Wow, does she ever have hair. lol Wish you the best!